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Air Pullution Filters and Collectors

The Pinnacle APC reverse pulse cleaning fabric filter collector is available ia a full range of sizes for efficient, space saving installation.

Module housing are constructed of 10 gauge hot roled sheet steel, stiffened for 20 in w.g. Units are shop fabricated for easy, economical field erection. Collectors are generally shipped in two (2) pieces cinsisting of the upper house and hopper, Small collectors are shipped as one (1) piece units. 

Access to the fabrc filter media is provided by roof doors of the optional full height walk-in clean gas plenum.

If scructural supports are provided, they will be shop assembled if height permits; otherwise they will be shipped knocked down and accompany the collector. The module will be shop assembled into as few pieces as is practical for economical shipment.

Filter gas, cages and auxiliary equipment will be shipped seperate for field installation. All efforts will be made to ship collectors and parts on one (1) truck for ease of recieving.

2 Module System - Boiler Fly Ash

Reverse Pulse Fabric Filter

Unique Features

  • Internal Cage/Ventutis
  • Air headers are shipped assembled on unit
  • Access doors are hinged and can be field adjusted for opening

The Best Units Includes:

  • Primed Exterior
  • Flanged Intel & Outlet
  • Internal Hopper Diffusion Baffle
  • Flaged Dust Discharge
  • Filter Bags/Cages
  • Access Doors (Roof/Plenum)
  • Nema Electricals
  • Pressure Differential Gauge
  • Hopper Access Doors

The Pinnacle APC cartrage collector is a high quality, cost effecitive, continuous duty filtration device.

Cartage Collectors are used on a wide variety of applications. They are well suited in filtering large volumes of particulate laden gas on a continuos basis. Operation collection efficiencies exceeding 99.5% are easily attained.

Particuate laden gas enters the unit and is captured on the outer surface of the pleated cartrage. Cleaned gas passes through the cartridges are cleaned of the collected particulate as the pressure drop across the media increases. This on-line cleaning consists of a compressed air activated venturi initiated by a solid state timer.

Equipment Selection
Modular configuration permits a large range of size by varying the number or cartriges as well as their length. The housing is fabricated from 10Ga. steel sheet and stiffened to ± 20 in. W.G. All units are shop assembled and shipped in one (1) piece if size permts.

Filter Media
Depending on application and gas temperature, cartridge media can be selected from cellulose, polyester, carbon impregnated, Rytox, Nomex, P84 or Fiberglass. The standard Pinnacle APC cartridge is a normal 13" diameter x 26" long element. A 39" long cartridge is also available. 

Model 634 Cartridge Collector

Internal Fan Option
The Cartridges Collector can be furnished with a integral induced draft fan with drive mounted on the roof of the unit.